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To respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic we continue to provide essential services and have implemented operational changes to limit exposure and promote public health and safety:

  • The offices at Milford Mill are open for staff with attention to social distancing, wearing masks and other safety practices.
  • The Baltimore County and Carroll County Residential Rehabilitation Programs (RRP) remain open to provide essential services 24/7. The emergency on-call # for RRP is 410-971-9494.
  • The day program of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) is providing on-site groups on Monday and Wednesday mornings for vaccinated individuals. Individuals are scheduled to attend on specific days and transportation is provided. The PRP staff continues to work with individuals via Telehealth. Other essential services are provided in the community including taking individuals to appointments, delivering meals and home visits. The emergency on-call # for the PRP is 410-979-5991.
  • To make a referral to the Psychiatric or Residential Rehabilitation Programs contact Madelyn McClung, Intake Coordinator at 410-653-6190 x.1227 or via email.
  • Health Home services continue in conjunction with PRP to coordinate clinical and medical appointments and essential lab work as well as transitions to and from facilities.
  • Supported Employment Services are provided via telehealth and in-person. Contact with employers and visits to job sites are provided as necessary.
  • Homeless Outreach Program (HOP) continues as an essential service:
    • Street Outreach services continue throughout Baltimore County.  If you need assistance, please call our hotline at 410-816-4159.
    • Case Managers continue to provide contact via telephone to individuals on their caseloads with home visits on an as needed basis.
    • The Outreach Site in Towson is open on Tuesday and Thursday for showers, connection to resources and provision of basic supplies.
    • To make a referral to any HOP programs call the hotline # at 410-816-4159 and leave a message.
  • The Martylog Wellness and Recovery Center is providing services through the warm line at 410-917-2702. Individuals may call for 1:1 conversations and take part in online group meetings and calls. The center is open Wednesdays and Thursdays 2-5 pm for vaccinated individuals.
  • The One Voice Northwest Recovery Community Center is providing services through the warm line at 410-935-6721. Individuals may call for 1:1 assistance or be part of a Facebook chat group and other online connections. The center is re-opening for onsite services Mondays and Tuesdays 3-5 pm for vaccinated individuals.
  • Targeted Case Management (TCM) is taking referrals. For more information contact Debbi Sauers at 410-653-6190 x.1333.

We care deeply about the individuals we serve, our staff and our community. We ask you to please wear a mask, practice social distancing and other measures to limit exposure and stop the spread of the Coronavirus. Please consider getting a vaccine if you haven’t. Together we can end this pandemic! We will continue to provide updates as we continue to gradually re-open to serve individuals onsite.

If you are looking for resources please try the following links below:

Today Prologue continues to focus on community based personal recovery.