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FY2021 Annual Letter

Dear Friends,

Staying present. In the moment. Truth is, FY 21 was one of the most difficult years that Prologue has ever faced. We are solid financially, but at our core, Prologue is about community, support, and wellness. This year continued to be uncertain and a challenge, simply because it was more difficult to create and uphold community with those who most need it. There were new and changing norms and regulations. Uncertainty. Shifting, adapting, reframing. And yet, through it all, we persevered. For us, it was all about the present moment. Again and again. Finding moments of serendipity. Little things to be grateful for. Noticing small wins. Being present to it all.

What’s certain? Prologue’s services are still needed. Greatly. In spite of lingering pandemic challenges, we served more than 2400 people. Some members of our team went above and beyond to deliver services, provide Covid vaccination clinics, continue to provide outreach services and stay connected to individuals in the safest manner possible.

Prologue’s CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitaton Facilities) survey received a three year renewal. We continue to have a positive impact on individuals in our service programs across the board as you’ll see throughout this report.

We remain hopeful when we read these stories. When we stay present. When we think about our new outreach facility being planned in Towson. When we receive donations and gifts to support our mission. We are present and grateful.

Warm regards,

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Kenneth Tabler, Chairman of the Board and Sendy Rommel, President & CEO

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