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FY2019 Annual Letter

Dear Friends,

When we have our initial contact with people they often are experiencing the worst times in life, feeling flat or stuck by mental illness, homelessness, trauma, domestic abuse, incarceration and addiction. These challenges cause great personal loss – estrangement from family and natural supports, compromised physical health and feelings of hopelessness for the future. As we begin our work we recognize the importance of connecting with each individual in ways that are personally meaningful to restore basic life needs, engage in recovery and develop supports. Through these efforts individuals begin to take small steps, make deliberate choices and see life take shape and transform into new possibilities.

Our partnership with BWI airport led us to Mr. H, who experienced a mental health crisis when his wife died. He lost everything and used the airport as a safe shelter for two years. At a shelter for domestic violence, we met Katrina and quickly learned that she wanted much more than being a victim – she had a focus to help others in need as she worked to become a peer specialist. Mia, a single, young mother showed exceptional resilience to overcome the adversity of homelessness and provide for her family. Marvin and Wilbert have enriched their lives through recovery, finding new dimensions that bring joy and fulfillment and balance to living with mental illness. At our peer-run wellness and recovery centers lives unfold and personal power expands, when natural support is received and personal stories of recovery are shared. Through connection life takes on new dimensions.

We wish Beverly Marlowe-Hancock a Happy Retirement! She has made a difference in the lives of many as the Intake Coordinator for the past 20 years. We greatly appreciate her dedication and caring spirit.

As a new year unfolds and changes, we wish you hope, joy and good health! We are grateful for your support.

Warmest Regards,

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Kenneth Tabler, Chairman of the Board and Sendy Rommel, President & CEO

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