FY2017 Annual Letter

Dear Friends,

Since its founding 35 years ago Prologue has sought to offer support and connect people to services so they can have successful and hopeful lives.

Over the years we have steadily built a culture of success as we cultivated a set of shared core beliefs, values and practices. This past year a group of employees on the Staff Advisory Team worked to expand and further define these so we move forward to improve the quality of our interactions with the people we serve and with each other. When we define the essence of our organizational culture, the bottom line is encouraging success – for the people we serve, for our employees and for the company.

We have witnessed over these many years that there are many paths to recovery and that each person defines his or her direction and is guided by the hope of a successful life. We provide a support system; we listen and show empathy as we work together to provide hope during the journey of recovery from mental illness, substance use, domestic violence and trauma and homelessness.

As we work with individuals to identify and achieve their life goals inevitably there are obstacles along the way. Lola wanted to work and persevered as she gained confidence, overcame past circumstances and was supported every step of the way by Jean until she surpassed her own dreams. Fatima fled a life of domestic violence with her children and has been focused on success including gaining citizenship and preparing to buy her own home. Rhea spent many years on the streets, struggling with mental illness and lack of connection to services. She found that connection with Prologue.

Sadly, this year we mourned the loss and celebrated the life of Stu Hancock, our Homeless Outreach Director of many years. He contributed to our success and the success of many through his tireless advocacy. His work will live on in our homeless outreach site as we revitalize it to better serve the community. Thank you Trinity Episcopal Church and Department of Planning (especially Terri Kingeter and Andrea VanArsdale) for supporting our mission and believing in Stu’s dream!

Each year adds another layer of richness to our culture. It’s the combination of the community of people that support us that in turn gives us the energy to support others and always stay true to our mission. We are deeply appreciative.

Warmest Regards,

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Kenneth Tabler, Chairman of the Board and Sendy Rommel, President & CEO