FY2018 Annual Letter

Dear Friends,

We started this year with a new strategic plan to guide us through 2020. The planning process helped us assess how we contribute to the world around us while gaining insight about what is necessary to refocus and strengthen our infrastructure as we move forward as a mission driven organization. We also engaged in a rigorous re-accreditation process through CARF International confirming our commitment to continuous quality improvement. We acknowledge and thank our staff, Board of Directors and stakeholders for engaging in and contributing to these processes so we are successful in the provision of vital programs and services.

We are most proud and humbled by the individual success stories that are testaments to our partnerships formed by supporting people as they overcome adversity caused by behavioral health issues and homelessness. There is Colin, who was isolated by homelessness, voices and the distrust in treatment services until he found a place of comfort and safety at our Towson Outreach Center. There is Justin who viewed himself as a failure but discovered that if he stayed the course with services received through the day program, supervised then supportive housing and supported employment he could gain a career, his own apartment and replace his anxiety with self-confidence. Then there are Sam, Kia and Chip and countless others with their own unique life successes achieved through their own resilience and some needed support.

We are thankful the purchase of our Towson Outreach Center came to fruition. We are thankful for the Community Behavioral Health Association’s advocacy to maintain our legislated rate increase so we can begin to pay our workforce a decent wage. We are thankful for the efforts of the Governor’s office, the Local Management Board and the State Department of Housing and Community Development in recognizing how homelessness has impacted unaccompanied youth and a growing population at BWI airport and are working with us to find solutions.

As we reflect back on the past successes and look forward to the opportunities and challenges of the future we focus on OUR VALUES OF COMMUNITY, RESPECT, CHOICE, SUPPORT, WELLNESS, RECOVERY/HOPE, TEAM AND HOME to guide our efforts.

We wish you hope, joy and good health as we welcome a new year.

Warmest Regards,

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Kenneth Tabler, Chairman of the Board and Sendy Rommel, President & CEO