Sendy Rommel
410-653-6190 x1311

Patti Appel
Chief Financial Officer
410-653-6190 x1316

Molly Coffay
VP and General Counsel
410-653-6190 x1314

Karen Staley
Human Resources Director
410-653-6190 x1320

Caitlin Manleigh
Quality Improvement Director
410-653-6190 x1236

Debbi Sauers
PRP Director
410-653-6190 x1234

Nikki Connelly
Homeless Outreach Director
410-653-6190 x1331

Jeff Martin
Assistant PRP Director
410-653-6190 x1227

Beverly Marlowe-Hancock
Intake Coordinator
410-653-6190 x1232

Jean Shank
Vocational Coordinator
410-653-6190 x1216

Chris Green
Health Home Director
410-653-6190 x1230

Tim Carroll
Facility & Fleet Manager
Safety Officer
410-653-6190 x1111

Jaanine Smith
One Voice NW Recovery Community Center Coordinator
410-653-6190 x1110

Samantha Wilson
RRP Coordinator
410-653-6190 x1242

Brian Korzec
Martylog Wellness & Recovery Center Coordinator
410-917-2702 (warm line)

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