Homeless Outreach

Meeting People Where They Are

Homeless Outreach Program

The Homeless Outreach Program (HOP) provides services to citizens of Baltimore County who are homeless and are victims of domestic violence, have substance use, are veterans, have HIV/AIDS, have a psychiatric disability or who are chronically homeless. We meet homeless individuals throughout Baltimore County wherever they are – on the streets, in campsites, at shelters.

Those who are eligible meet with a case manager to develop a service plan with a goal to remove barriers to housing. Case managers can assist with social security applications to expedite benefits. Individuals can apply for housing rental assistance, and other entitlements and receive help in locating housing.

supporting_each_otherThe Towson Outreach Center at 609 Baltimore Avenue in Towson is under construction with a Fall 2023 opening projected. The new site will have an accessible space with showers, laundry facilities and areas to relax and connect to resources and outreach workers.

To receive information and/or assistance Monday – Friday contact the outreach referral line at 410-816-4159.

Homeless Outreach for Unaccompanied Youth

Homeless Outreach for Unaccompanied Youth provides services to unaccompanied homeless youth living in Baltimore County who are under the age of 25 and lack a fixed residence or are fleeing an unsafe or violent situation.  The Youth Outreach worker is available to engage on the street, in the community, and in shelters to connect individuals with resources in the area.

“I love everything you did for me and my grandkids!”

“I had been homeless for 3 years prior to getting connected with Prologue. In that time I had received no help for 3 years. Prologue cut through all the *#! And got me housing and continues to help me with joblessness and putting together a resume.”

“They never give up on me!”