This year, rather than publishing an annual report for fiscal year 2014, we invested our resources in a new website. Our new site provides you with the latest information on Prologue’s programs and services. As you view the site we hope you are reminded of our mission to create opportunities for those with behavioral health needs and those experiencing homelessness by promoting positive change and offering person-centered support in recovery. Of course we also wish to share the highlights of the past year.


In the 2014 fiscal year Prologue programs served over 2,000 individuals. Each individual used one or more of the services offered based on life needs – Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Residential Rehabilitation, Supported Employment, Homeless Outreach and Case Management, Shelter Plus Care Housing, Supportive Housing and Peer Support through the Wellness and Recovery Center. In addition to these programs Prologue expanded services in several areas.


The Health Home opened in October 2013 to promote improved health outcomes to individuals enrolled in the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program. The program, staffed by a director, nurse care managers, a nurse practitioner and/or a physician(all part time positions) provided care coordination, education and other services to ensure all enrolled individuals are receiving primary health care and are followed for chronic health conditions and preventive/wellness care. The Health Home served ninety-nine individuals in the first nine months.


The Homeless Outreach Program received a grant from Baltimore County Department of Planning to expand outreach services in the community to respond to reports of homeless individuals and families on the street, in campsites and other locations throughout Baltimore County. The grant also made it possible to open the outreach site in Towson one additional day per week to increase accessibility to case managers and other resources such as showers, laundry, clothing, snacks and referrals to other mainstream services. An additional fulltime case manager and part time case management associate were hired to support this expansion that was funded in June 2014. In the first quarter of this fiscal year (2015), the new team has visited 130 locations, outreached 105 unduplicated individuals and made 139 contacts.


Peer support services expanded through a grant awarded by the Baltimore County Bureau of Behavioral Health. In June 2014 Prologue opened the One Voice Recovery Community Center to serve individuals in recovery from substance use and/or co-occurring mental health issues. The center is open two evenings a week and is staffed by individuals in recovery – a fulltime coordinator and two part time peer recovery specialists. The center offers individual peer support, recovery oriented activities and a monthly AA and NA meeting.


Prologue received Department of Health and Mental Hygiene bond funds to purchase four properties to further our mission to increase affordable housing. Those funds plus additional funds awarded by Baltimore County Department of Planning in fiscal year 2015 enabled Prologue to renovate one of the homes for handicap accessibility. These four homes provide housing for a minimum of eight people.


We appreciate the support and contributions of friends, families and partners throughout the year. Your efforts truly make a difference in the lives of individuals and families we serve. We appreciate being part of a caring community as we continuously seek to create opportunities one person at a time.